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Building a Prosperous New Mexico

My name is Ali Ennenga.  My husband of 5 years gave me this nickname when we were dating.  Ali is short for alegría, which means “joy” in Spanish, because he says I give him joy.  So I became Ali, and it stuck.  I find joy in being with my family, working in a non-profit, and in serving my brothers and sisters in New Mexico.

My father is a Navy Veteran, so a Navy brat, I’ve lived in 14 states— New Mexico being the last (and the best)!  In 1992, I moved to Albuquerque to be near my parents, and as I came down through the beautiful Tijeras Canyon, the sun was just setting, and the lights of Albuquerque were just coming on.  In that moment, I was home! I felt a sense of peace and happiness that I never felt anywhere else.  I love New Mexico. It is my home.

I have been in New Mexico for 27 years.  I got both of my degrees here – a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Master’s in Education.  I was a paralegal for 18 years, and a teacher for 7 years.  I am now the proud co-founder and Director of Community Relations of ¡Basta! NM Foundation, an organization helping other non-profits achieve their goals.

I am so excited to be a candidate for the New Mexico State Legislature, House District 15 – Los Ranchos, North Valley, NE Heights, and a small portion of the Westside.  What better way to put my passion to work than to serve you, my fellow New Mexicans in this capacity?

Remember:  It’s not about BLUE.  It’s not about RED.  It’s about being a NEW MEXICAN and respecting our values.  I want to do what is good and right for YOU – my friends, my family, my fellow New Mexicans.

Your support is appreciated.  Thank you!



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Build a Prosperous New Mexico