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Educating for Prosperity

My name is Ali Ennenga.  My husband of 7 years gave me this nickname when we were dating.  Ali is short for alegría, which means “joy” in Spanish, because he says I give him joy.  So I became Ali, and it stuck.  I find joy in being with my family, working in a non-profit, and in serving the children and parents of New Mexico.

My father was a Navy Veteran, so I’ve lived in 14 states— New Mexico being the last (and the best)!  In 1992, I moved to Albuquerque to be near my parents, and as I came down through the beautiful Tijeras Canyon, the sun was just setting, and the lights of Albuquerque were just coming on.  In that moment, I was home! I felt a sense of peace and happiness that I’ve never felt anywhere else.  I love New Mexico. It is my home.

I have been in New Mexico for 29 years. I have a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Master’s in Education.  I was a paralegal for 18 years, and a teacher for 7 years.  I am now the proud co-founder and Director of Community Relations of ¡Basta! NM Foundation, an organization helping other non-profits achieve their goals.

I am so excited to be a candidate for APS School Board District 3 – North Valley to Central, and the Rio Grande River to Louisiana Blvd.  What better way to put my passion to work than to serve you, my fellow New Mexicans, and your children in this capacity?

Your support is appreciated.  Thank you!



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Educating for Prosperity