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July 31, 2020
Ali Ennenga

House of Representatives District 15 challenger Ali Ennenga and Representative Rebecca Dow (R) in caucus on Spaceport America.

New Mexico Spaceport Authority has taken up an agenda, at the meeting on July 19, 2020, including closed session review of a whistleblower complaint by Zach DeGregorio, chief finance officer, six years after a whistleblower complaint filed by Brent Eastwood pertaining to finance and procurement at Spaceport America, an agency of the state of New Mexico.

Ali Ennenga, challenger for House of Representatives District 15, noted that the incumbent supports legislative subsidy from the general fund (feed) and capital outlay (pork) for Spaceport America. The incumbent has published an elementary thesis tangential to activities at Spaceport America (“Failsafe”? The effect of advanced automation on commercial aviation liability law. Hochman, 2016).

Ali Ennenga, a teacher and paralegal, sees merits in legislation (SB267 2015 Regular) by George K. Munoz, (D) SEN-4 to sell Spaceport America, and retirement of Spaceport America Severance Tax Bonds and Gross Receipt Tax Bonds, of concern to Senator Joseph Cervantes, (D) SEN-31.

Ali Ennenga requested a caucus with Representative Dow, to discuss House Memorial (HM13 2019 Regular) TO RECOGNIZE AND CELEBRATE THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC BENEFITS PROVIDED BY SPACEPORT AMERICA.