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My Platform

Educating for Prosperity

I love New Mexico.   Most New Mexicans would agree – We love New Mexico.  So why do we have so many of our children, families, friends and colleagues leaving the state? They are leaving, they say, to build a safe and prosperous life elsewhere.  Why are all the states around us doing so much better, when WE know this is the best place to live?

We have to break the chains of the poor educational systems failing our children, educational system, break the chains that the union has on the School Board, and break the chains of a bad budget, more expensive buildings, and bad bonds, that keep our students in bondage. Parents and children need a voice – I will be YOUR voice.


Education is my passion!  I truly believe that you can’t take anything with you except what you know.  Here’s what I know:  There are many phenomenal teachers and educators in New Mexico who, like our children, have been failed by our educational systems.  Each year administrators and politicians make small tweaks, pretend that spending more money is going to fix a broken system, and claim they need more money, more buildings, and more teacher evaluations to make things better.  We say: Break the Chains It’s time to take the bold steps to provide for our children and teachers. We have to hold those politicians and administrators accountable!

I was a special education teacher and my experience showed me that children are told over and over that they can’t. They know they CAN!  I saw first-hand how Common Core lowered the performance of students and teachers. Common Core does not allow our students and our teachers to reach their potential.   I have faith that if I am given the opportunity to improve our state educational system, our children CAN achieve greatness! We need the freedom to bring back Vocational/Technical schools.  We need the freedom to reign in the spending by administrators, and give the funding back to the students, classrooms, and teachers.


Our state is one of the most poverty-stricken states in America.  The politicians in Santa Fe want to pile up more and more burdensome taxes on us and on small businesses. I don’t know about you, but I’m worried about paying my bills. Just recently, I was out of a job.  I know how hard it can be to pay your bills when you have just enough to cover them. Do I buy school clothes or feed my kids? More money in my paycheck – and yours – is what we need! We need to grow our ECONOMY.  We need the freedom to attract more jobs and businesses to New Mexico, and give New Mexicans a reason to stay.


Our neighborhoods are where our lives happen!  It’s where we should feel safe.  Right now, many of our neighborhoods are unsafe. We have one of the highest crime rates in the nation.  No one goes to bed at night without locking their doors and hoping their cars are there in the morning. In 1999, I had my car stolen.  I know how you feel. As your representative, I will fight for the safety and prosperity of all New Mexicans. If given the opportunity to serve my community, I know that together, we can change the face of New Mexico and keep criminals where they belong.

I am fighting for all New Mexicans to break the chains that bind us and find the path to freedom and prosperity!

I am Pro-Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I am Pro-Second Amendment

I am Pro-Constitution

I am Pro-New Mexico



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